Welcome to Grantham

Grantham is conveniently located off exit 13 on I-89. Being a short distance away from Lebanon and Concord we are a small rural town that is rapidly growing. The town, located along the Sugar River, is surrounded by beautiful mountains and preserved land. Grantham contains 27.2 square miles of land area and 0.9 square miles of inland water area.
Grantham was named for Thomas Robinson, the first Baron of Grantham, an active supporter of American independence. He was known as a diplomat in Europe and was one of Great Britain's first postmaster-generals.  The area was first granted in 1761, the same year Robinson received his peerage. No settlers took up that claim, and the land was regranted in 1767 as New Grantham. In 1780, the western portion of Grantham and the eastern portion of Plainfield were made into the parish of Meriden, a name the region bears today. The town was incorporated as New Grantham in 1788 and incorporated as Grantham in 1818. 
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