Motor Vehicle Registration Information

Information regarding registering and renewing motor vehicles, including what documentation you'll need to bring with you, instructions for new residents moving in from out-of-state, and links to useful forms for bill of sale, power of attorney, and requesting to receive motor vehicle renewal notices via email.


As of July 1, 2009, Motor Vehicle registrations are paid for with one check made out to Town of Grantham. The State fees are included in the amount collected.

We accept payment in the form of check, cash, and debit and credit.




The documentation needed to do the following:


For ALL motor vehicle transactions:

     Driver's License


To renew a Registration (one of the following):

Current registration

Renewal letter 


Non-Resident Registrations - New and Renewal

If your primary residence is in another state but you own property in Grantham, and choose to keep a vehicle here at your Grantham residence, you will need to register the vehicle you keep here as a Non-Resident Registration. To register a vehicle with a non-resident registration for the first time, and every year when you renew, we will need the following documents:

1) a copy of a current out-of-state registration

2) current proof of insurance for at least one vehicle registered in another state

These documents are required by NH DMV to help prevent insurance fraud. For more information regarding auto insurance requirements in New Hampshire, please click on this link: New Hampshire Insurance Department FAQs.


To register a New Vehicle (one of the following):

          Blue copy of NH title application

          Title to the vehicle

          Certificate of Origin

          Bill of sale and previous registration if the vehicle is 1999 model year or older



          ALSO...for ALL new vehicles, please bring in the window sticker provided by the dealer (usually placed in the glove box at the time of sale).


Transfer Plates from traded or sold vehicle:


          Registration from traded or sold vehicle


               and ONE of the following


          Blue “Town Clerk’s Copy” of Title Application

          Title or Certificate of Origin

          Bill of Sale (if 1999 or older)


The Town Clerk’s office has applications for change of address, lost plates or decals, and lost registrations. 


I recently moved to NH. How can I register my vehicle?

  • If the vehicle is owned by you, submit the title, along with proof of residency, to the town or city office where you reside.

    If the vehicle is leased, there is a lienholder or the vehicle is title exempt, submit the following to the town or city office where you reside:
    • The out-of-state registration.
    • Lease agreement, if applicable.
    • Lienholder’s name and address.