Halloween 2021

A Note about Trick or Treating in 2021-

 Traditionally, Trick or Treating has taken place on October 31st for the Town of Grantham. This year residents may participate in trick or treating along Main St. and Route 114 but there will be no traffic support from the Police or Fire Depts. The Fire Department, Town Hall and Library will not be open for trick or treaters this year.  Please be considerate of homeowners who do not feel comfortable participating and do not approach homes that do not have their outside lights on. Neighbors in the area of town that typically welcome trick or treaters to your door are encouraged to speak with each other to make a plan for the evening. 


DON'T MISS TRUNK OR TREAT - www.granthamnh.net/activities

Last updated 10/12/2021 10:07:22 PM