Town Meeting - Voting for Elected Officials and the Town Budget

Please join us for our annual Town Meeting in the lower level of Grantham Town Hall. The polls will open at 10:00 AM and will close at 7:00 PM for Articles 1 (election of town officials) and 2 - 6 (zoning amendments). The business portion of the meeting (voting on the town budget for FY2025) will begin at 5:30 PM.  The links below have all the relevant information related to the 2024 Town Meeting.



Due to the muddy conditions of the overflow parking area at Town Hall, the following traffic changes will be made:

  • Enter only from Route 10 South and exit onto Dunbar Hill Road,
  • Parking will be allowed on both sides of the driveway behind Town Hall; however, we ask that you please leave enough room for one vehicle to drive through.


The following residents have filed for the following elected positions, to be voted on at the Town Election/Meeting, occurring on Tuesday, March 12, 2024:

    • Selectman - 3 years:  Peter Garland
    • Trustee of Trust Funds - 3 years:  Karin Nicoll
    • Moderator - 2 years:  Lorie McClory
    • Dunbar Free Library Trustee (2) - 3 years:  Melissa Britton & Marc Bernstein
    • Cemetery Trustee - 3 years: None
    • Supervisor of the Checklist - 6 years:  Suzanne Goldman
    • Planning Board (2) - 3 years:  Peter Guillette & Robert Benson



Grantham Town Hall Lower Level 300 Route 10 South GranthamNH  03753
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