Technology Committee

Purpose/Mission: The purpose/mission of the committee is to assess technology on behalf of the town
  1. Find technology solutions to reduce existing costs at the town
  2. Find technology solutions to improve productive or reduce burdens for existing challenges at the town
  3. Use technology to improve quality of life for people at the town
Members: Darren Fagan (Chair), Julie Lamarche, Brent Murray and Brandon Riendeau
Length of Sanction: 3 years from sanction or to be renewed by the selectmen 

Active projects: Internet expansion

Project Description: The Grantham Technology Development Committee is researching some exciting new projects aimed at improving internet capabilities for Grantham residents. We are in the beginning stages of creating a plan and urge all Grantham residents to complete a brief survey about their current broadband experience and future expectations. Please continue to check out our website for updates. 

Please take our internet experience survey here

Contact us at [email protected] for questions or concerns