Fire Prevention

Summer Grilling Safety from the Grantham Fire Department

As we look forward to a summer of fun and barbecues, the Grantham Fire Department would like to remind you of some safety tips while using your grill.

  • Before using your grill, check to be sure the grill is in good shape. On a propane grill, hoses should not be crushed, connections should be tight, and the burners should provide an even blue flame.
  • Grills should only be used outside, never under an overhanging roof, on an enclosed or screen porch.  The heat from a grill will dry the nearby and overhead wood after repeated uses of the grill, then the wood will easily ignite if there is a grease fire or other problem. Grills should be at least 2 feet from any surface that can catch fire, including walls, deck railings or trees and shrubbery.  Again, the heat will dry the surface to the point of a very easy ignition.
  • Keeping grills clean reduces any risk of an out of control fire, including emptying the grease trap (yuck).
  • Never let children play with a grill.  A child playing on a propane grilleven when cold, turning a knob on the grill can accidentally cause the risk of a fire or an explosion.  A child near any hot grill can suffer very painful burns.
  • While the grill is lit, do not leave it unattended.  Very rapidly the situation of sizzling steaks can change to flames coming out of the grill from a grease fire (or a damaged hose on a propane grill) and if not one is there to take action, the situation can get bad very quickly.

Wishing you a safe and happy summer - The Grantham Fire Department